Smile Design 

Let's see how you can look with a new smile! Our Smile Design service is a great way to preview how you can feel and see the difference...

Smile Design: Dr. Ian van Zyl published a revolutionary paper in the Journal of the American Dental Association. The technique described shows patients and doctors what the result of restoring teeth will look and feel like before they are changed. The new shapes fit over the teeth.  It instantly shows how you will look with veneers/crowns. When the results look good Dr. Ian van Zyl is encouraged to proceed! It can be used to check different sizes, shapes, lengths, thicknesses, colors, surface anatomy and texture of new teeth. When all this is worked out, there are no surprises. You look better or we don’t do it.


  • Smile Design is reversible and non-permanent 

  • Smile Design does not move or damage the teeth
  • Smile Design changes the shape of the upper teeth
  • Smile Design will show you if dentistry will improve your smile


Remember: We only proceed with Smile Design if it is evident that it will improve your look.