Patient Questions Answered by Dr. Ian van Zyl

Do you have questions? We have answers!

Personal or general questions about various dental procedures and best practices are something we deal with everyday at Lumin Dentistry in Healdsburg, CA.  No question is silly and everyone deserves a careful explanation of what is going on in their mouth and with their health!

Below are some of the questions that I and my staff are asked.  But these are just the beginning of the potential information you may want, so please ask away... Call us, email us or stop in.

1)   Q. Why get a dental exam every 6 months?

    A. To find problems early!

2)  Q. What good does brushing do?

    A. It knocks bacteria off the front and backs of your teeth!

3)  Q. What does flossing do?

    A. Knocks bacteria off the sides of your teeth!

4)  Q. What can bacteria do to your teeth?

      A. Take away the bony foundation of your teeth!


 5)  Q. Can you feel periodontal (gum) disease?  

      A. NO, but sometimes the teeth look longer.

 6)  Q. Can dentures be made that look really good?

       A. YES, bring me pictures of yourself with teeth.

7)  Q. How do I avoid cavities?
Don't snack on carbs more than every 4 hours.

8)  Q. What is the best frequency for cleanings?

A. As often as you need hard deposits removed.

9)   Q. How often do I need x-rays?

A. Depends on your risk of developing decay.

10)  Q. Why are my teeth chipping?

A. You have a habit.

11)  Q. Does bleaching damage teeth?

A. No.